Overview: Cancer in Emerging markets

With 14.9Mn new cancer cases and 8.2Mn cancer deaths in 2013, global incidence of cancer is on the rise. ASEAN itself accounted for about 700,000 new cancer cases in 2015 while 54 African countries contributed to 847,000 new cancer cases. It is further estimated that Less developed countries accounted for 54% of new cases of cancer and 65% of cancer deaths in 2014.

Late diagnosis, lack of infrastructure and resources as well as absence of financial support are key challenges that impact cancer treatment in most ASEAN and African countries. 70% of the cancers in sub-Saharan Africa are discovered at a time when the disease is at an advanced stage. 5% of the cancer patients and their families were pushed into poverty in Southeast Asia between March 2012 and September 2013

Our Client: A global medical technologies manufacturer dealing with medical imaging, surgical, critical care, drug discovery and healthcare IT solutions

Challenge Statement: The client wished to map the oncology infrastructure across ASEAN, India and Africa to have a comprehensive understanding of installed base and need-gaps at an account level.

Research Methodology: In-depth secondary research was conducted to create a detailed listing of every single radiotherapy / cancer centre as well as Nuclear medicine centres across 12 countries. In addition, a detailed analysis of various cancer diagnostic and therapeutic equipment including PET/CTs, LINACs, Cobalt-60, SPECT-CT and cyclotrons was performed.

The overall infrastructure in terms of oncology professionals including medical oncologists, radiotherapy technicians, NM technicians, medical physicists etc. was plotted. A broad list of potential and current KOLs was also created.

Research Outcome: The research and the final deliverable were aimed at enable the sales and marketing functionalities pitch more effectively to potential NM/RT centres in emerging markets. The deliverables created included infographics as well as detailed reports indicating the need for cancer centers / NM centers across specific regions within the 12 countries. The documents and collaterals created are being further utilized by local sales teams to highlight corresponding opportunities for cancer centers across India, ASEAN and Africa. 

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