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EMeRG is a Global Med-tech Research
& Advisory Platform

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Headquartered in Calgary, Alberta with
regional offices in Bangalore, India

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HospeTrack - Our Tech-driven Global
Platform is Accelerating Medical Device
GTM Strategies in 49 countries

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Map IB by Hospital, Location &


Monitoring & Access – ECG Machines, Holter Monitors, Patient Monitors, Anesthesia Machines, Stress Testing, Dialysis Machines.

Surgical – Major OR, Minor OR, C-Arms

Cardio – Cath Labs, Echo

Diagnostic – PET-CT, SPECT, CT, MRI, Ultrasound, X-Ray, Mammography

Infant Care – Ventilators, Incubators, Radiant Warmers, Fetal Monitors, Phototherapy



Estimate Market Potential & Map Opportunity Pockets

Generate Addressable & Serviceable market size, fortify sales, augment customer segmentation

Healthcare Personnel  – Plan sales strategy based on number of physicians/specialists such as Radiologists, Cardiologists, Surgeons etc. by account  

Care Areas – Understand care area and departmental mapping – over 12 departments identified for each account

Visualize IB and accounts by GPS location & zip codes


Stratify Your Customers Based on Size & Demographic

Hospital Type – by ownership, level of care, and bed size


 Demographic – ORs, in-patient & out-patient volumes

Location – by province, state, GPS coordinates, and country



An in-depth, analyst curated IB data. Sourced from secondary sources built over a span of five years. Documented numbers based on hospital websites, annual reports, social media pages, news releases and country level policy.

Augmented with primary research on a sample of 5-10% of the key customer segments.

For a detailed methodology, please ask us for a demo of HospeTrack.





Regional med-tech disrupters in EMeRGing markets

Fortify your go-to-market strategies in emerging markets. Create frugal approaches to reach your end-customers. Understand what regional med-tech suppliers and channel partners are doing to disrupt the market:

Know regional medical device leaders

Understand winning GTM strategies and competent channel partners

Evaluate how regional / local suppliers are disrupting the market

Create market creation, penetration and differentiation strategies for your medical devices

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Med-tech Competitive Intelligence Platform in EMeRGing markets

Creative proactive business strategies in emerging markets. Know about medical device competitors in the emerging markets:

Business expansion plans

Distributor networks

Strategic partnerships

After-sales services strategies

New product launches

Organization structure and hiring patterns

Product installations at key hospital sites

Marketing activities and focus areas

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Med-tech Voice of Customer Reports in EMeRGing markets

Develop a customer-based business strategy. Get your potential customers segmented based on need-gaps. Learn their value drivers, design-needs, key motivators and priorities