Valuation of NPIs we have helped clients with


No. of countries we have conducted med-tech research in


Visits in ICUs, ORs for observing live procedures and equipment usage


No. of interactions per-analyst-per-week with healthcare specialists


EMeRG is a Canada based med-tech platform and an advisory firm. We are enabling access to innovative medical technologies across 48 countries through our SaaS based platform and supporting glocalized business strategies for med-tech. HospeTrack is the first-of-its kind global medical devices and hospital intelligence platform promoting data-driven decision-making for med-tech firms.


In-depth research backed by ethnographic observations

Noted advisory panel consisting of various specialists and healthcare professionals


EMeRG team’s rich experience with med-tech customers across EMeRGING markets


Thorough due-diligence through organic and inorganic network of professionals

Profound experience with medical device market participants within emerging markets


Operational efficiency and savings achieved

By providing the most accurate recommendations towards a Go/No-Go decision based on the cumulative sentiments of the market; we have helped clients save significant time and effort

New business opportunity generated

By identifying new clinical applications, use-cases as well as customer segments, we have been helping global med-tech OEMs improve revenue stream in conventional markets and beyond

Clinical impact on a population/specialty

With deep-rooted understanding and appreciation of med-tech need-gaps, our recommendations are aimed at ensuring that the product/services reach their true potential by serving the right customer segments




To enable creation of affordable and effective med-tech solutions for emerging markets by providing profound customer and competitive insights to our clients

EMeRG was founded in late 2013 with the objective of addressing the “innovation in isolation” paradox within medical technology markets. From a 2 member team conducting ethnographic studies across remote healthcare set-ups, to being a full-fledged med-tech research advisory, EMeRG has grown from strength to strength each year. Our direct footprint now encompasses Bangalore, Chicago and Singapore with field presence in over 48 emerging markets. With syndicated voice-of-customer reports and white papers spanning across 15 major medical device categories and key areas, EMeRG is unravelling “unarticulated” customer insights for med-tech markets.

At EMeRG, we strive to bring customer-centricity back into business strategies. With a collective experience of several years spent within and around med-tech customers, the founding team at EMeRG stands for innovation in collaboration. We are sensitive to the cultures, ethnic backgrounds and idiosyncrasies related to the workflow within healthcare set-ups across emerging markets.

Our deep rooted commitment is to bring relevant technologies and healthcare access to customers in emerging markets.

We travel great depths to bring you closer to your customers.


Being Receptive

To new thoughts and concepts attained through detailed observation

Creating Value For

The med-tech industry by vocalizing the unstated needs of customers

Appreciating Interconnectedness

Of various ethnicities, workflows and medical practices

Delivering Wisdom

By co-creating customer-centric business strategies



Publication DNA: Our publishing background helps us continuously monitor medical device market trends including customer need-gaps, policy changes, healthcare budgets, greenfield hospital projects etc.

Core team’s understanding of medical devices market – Consultants and Analysts at EMeRG are adept at managing high-level yet fragile engagement scenarios with top medical professionals and industry participants while generating profound insights

Subject Matter Expertise: Our team ensures SME driven approach at every step of data collection/observation; assimilation and representation

Generating actionable insights: Our seasoned consultants with prior experience as Marketing experts with hospitals, med-tech OEMs and big pharma; as well as with clinical experience in hospitals help generate unarticulated insights

Co-creating value: Project team works as an extension of your core and functional units, ensuring real-time relay of insights and ideas in between various phases of the study; thereby co-creating value

Supportive implementation:

Complementary implementation of strategies based on respective areas of expertise


What EMeRGians have to say?



We work extensively in the EMeRGING Markets spanning the Puskesmas in Indonesia, to Polyclinics in Vietnam; Pathology Labs in Bangladesh and General Hospitals  in Brazil. Our direct presence now includes Bangalore, Singapore, and Chicago.



At EMeRG, we are partnering with med-tech and healthcare companies to help create effective and affordable technologies for emerging markets. EMeRG is calling for passionate individuals looking to make a difference in the healthcare and hospital industry in the third world. If you possess at least 2 of the following traits, a fulfilling career at EMeRG awaits:

Keen sense of observation, analytical bent of mind and a passion for med-tech

Educational or professional background in Medical technologies and / or hospital administration

Excellent verbal and written communication and understanding of healthcare markets

Passion to travel, explore and communicate with healthcare delivery centers across emerging nations


Director of Research, Medical Technologies. Years of experience: 5-7 years; Location – Alberta, Canada and Bangalore, India

Senior Analyst, Medical Technologies. Years of experience: 2-3 years; Location – Alberta, Canada and Bangalore, India

Research Analyst, Medical Technologies. Years of experience: 1-2 years; Location – Bangalore, India

Research Associate, Medical Technologies. Years of experience: 0-1 years; Location – Bangalore, India


Send us your resume and cover letter at careers@emerg-inc.com

Shortlisted candidates will be contacted via email