We are helping bring customer-centricity into med-tech business strategies 


EMeRG is your research partner delivering profound customer-insights to support your Glocalized Business Strategies in EMeRGING Markets. We partner our clients right from idea generation and new product introduction to post-launch assessments. We passionately walk those extra miles to uncover the most unarticulated needs of YOUR medical device customers.



“New product development relies heavily on identifying the deeper end-user needs and use-cases that may not be a part of subconscious awareness and hence not easily articulated…” 

With rapid changes in clinical workflows and frugal approaches undertaken, medical device manufacturers are now required to find unique ways to humanize their innovations. At EMeRG, driven by our deep rooted commitment to solve the paradox of “innovation in isolation”, we focus heavily on new product introductions for medical devices. Our NPI research has helped clients develop and introduce med-tech products worth >$300Mn globally. Where traditional research fails to dig beyond the obvious, our ethnography backed contextual research methodologies allows us to focus deep into the customer’s daily lives to help unveil:

The actual “unarticulated” unmet needs

Rational and emotional needs

“Story-telling” to generate product ideas and improvements

The routine issues and challenges (and corresponding opportunities)

The hidden motivators and barriers (to purchase or adapt to a new technology)

Design, ergonomic, clinical and other workflow related needs

Opinions around the utility of a new product idea

Definite ideas and opinions on a new prototype

Actual brand perception


CIO Advisory


Experienced hospital professionals help you build digital transformation roadmaps.

Leverage our analysts to create in-depth roadmaps for total digital transformation

Create blueprints for patient experience, employee efficiency, clinical excellence, service efficiency and financial transformation

Experienced analysts that combine your organizational intent, budgetary constraints and local policy to develop customized maps



Estimate Market Potential & Map Opportunity Pockets

Access our proven testing models to estimate productivity, financial and operational gains on your IT investments

Intricate sand boxing based on your size, investment, operational elasticity and adoption culture

Estimate gains for patient volumes, employee productivity, profit generation and NPS improvement


Stratify Your Customers Based on Size & Demographic

Identify medical device, information technology and business vendors by utilizing our product intelligence teams

Score product fitment based on attributes, pricing, and the needs of your organization

Depend on us for drawing up SLAs, best practices and failure prediction during implementation



IT transformation experts from our organization, with deep domain knowledge on hospital transformation and administration to assess current digital maturity and needs of your organization.

Field visits, combined with leadership interviews to identify existing need gaps in your processes and patient flow pathways.

Implementation of best practices from around the World in terms of hospital transformation.

Identification of key vendors suited for your needs.


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Understanding the deeper value drivers and motivators of a customer segment is critical in designing value proposition statements that would find instant resonance with the target segments. At EMeRG, we look not only into the “stated importance” but also the “derived importance” of benefits sought by customers. Our granular approach including various qualitative and quantitative methodologies are aimed at ensuring that a distinct Rivalry proposition is created for our med-tech clients. EMeRG has helped med-tech firms evaluate, test and refine value proposition statements for Ultrasound, tele-health solutions, diabetes testing devices, and patient monitoring devices (among others).

How we have helped med-tech firms with testing value propositions



“Right from how digital mammography has impacted early detection of breast cancer to how PET/CT installation has improved therapeutic regimes for a population, outcomes research is the yardstick to demonstrate product value…”

With medical device pricing strategies being weighed by clinical and economic outcomes, the need to demonstrate relevant evidence to providers, healthcare decision-makers and payers is on the rise. As med-tech firms push for improved market access through PPPs and risk-sharing models, demonstrating product value through superior outcomes would be of paramount importance. At EMeRG, we utilize our decades of understanding of clinical workflows, epidemiology and disease burden as well as health economics to help med-tech firms – Determine, Demonstrate, and Communicate Value Our methodologies include detailed analysis of disease epidemiology through national and hospital registries; as well as hospital records. Data mining also includes secondary sources such as ministry of health documents as well as primary sources including interviews with KOLs and other healthcare professionals. Typical methods of analysis includes non-parametric tests of hypothesis, regression modelling and predictive analysis (among others).

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As medical device companies look to strike a fine balance between “value” and “premium” product categories, finding the right pricing strategy is a commendable task. Also with customers struggling to articulate the value they allocate to a particular feature in isolation, market research techniques play a key role in determine optimal pricing. EMeRG has helped med-tech clients with pricing of products such as tele-consultation services, ultrasound, vital signs monitoring, diabetes testing devices, endoscopic devices among others. Some of the key techniques used include:

Conjoint analysis

Gabor Granger

Van Westendorp pricing model

How we have helped med-tech firms with pricing research



In several emerging markets where medical device sales are predominantly dependent on channel partners, formulating the right go-to-market strategy requires profound understand of the market dynamics. EMeRG continues to work with medical device companies to evaluate the optimal approach to reach end customers with distinct competitive advantages. In ASEAN and African regions where most medical device companies struggle with setting up direct presence, understanding distribution options requires in-depth understanding of customer segments, infrastructure and local competitive landscape. The key cornerstones of our GTM research includes:

Market challenge identification and validation

Needs-based customer segmentation

Competitive landscape evaluation

Distribution assessment including channel partner due diligence

Value proposition and messaging testing

Pricing assessment

Sales and services inclusions

Customer engagement and satisfaction tracking

How we have helped med-tech firms with go-to-market research in emerging markets:



At EMeRG, we frequently utilize industry trade shows and conferences as fact-finding missions to help hospitals improve their procurement decisions. We work as an extended, yet unbiased arm of healthcare systems by attending major med-tech conferences around the world and evaluating key technologies from a clinical and operational standpoint. The process begins well before the trade shows with thorough background research on the various exhibitors and speakers including in-depth analysis of press releases to understand the key innovations that may help healthcare systems improve their overall outcomes. A detailed information database and mapping of key participants is created to help augment our analysis of the next steps. This is aptly followed by in-person meetings with various stakeholders and representatives of key medical technology / solution providers. We utilize our keen sense of observation, innate to our DNA that has ethnography as a key building block. Conducted by highly experienced Analysts tracking various healthcare markets for years, each interactive session yields deeper insights into understanding of the available technologies, their advantages and the key possible outcomes for hospitals and end-users. At EMeRG, we follow a strict protocol incorporating highest ethical norms for all conference research studies. We are helping major healthcare systems with our unbiased understanding and evaluation of available medical technologies and their potential outcomes through global and regional conferences.

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