Krishanu Bhattacharjee - Founder & CEO - Calgary, Canada

Krishanu is the Founder & CEO at EMeRG. He has spent a decade-and-a-half in the medical technology industry spearheading research and consulting studies. He is passionate about solving the paradox of “innovation in isolation” in emerging markets for medical device users by assisting innovative NPIs. Krishanu possesses keen understanding of medical device markets globally; having led in-depth field research, outcomes and market access research as well as strategy workshops across US, ASEAN, Africa, Middle East, South America and Europe.

Krishanu is a customer-centric business strategist for medical technologies focused on unravelling the deeper need-gaps of hospitals, physicians and end-users. He is an author of several widely appreciated med-tech market reports and forecasts. Prior to EMeRG, Krishanu has held key leadership positions in various healthcare research and consulting firms including Frost & Sullivan, Datamonitor and Genpact. Krishanu holds a Masters degree in Biomedical Engineering and is a GE Foundation Scholar Leader.

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Tanuja Khanolkar – COO and Head of Outcomes Research - Calgary, Canada

Tanuja is a founding member and COO at EMeRG. Having spent more than a decade in pharmaceutical, hospital and med-tech research, she is adept and passionate about identifying ecosystems that make healthcare more accessible and affordable. As head of Outcomes Research team at EMeRG, she has been instrumental in planning, strategizing and executing various HEOR and market access projects across Middle-East, South Asia, ASEAN, Africa, Europe and North America. As Chief of Operations at EMeRG, she also leads overall project delivery and execution for multi-country NPI, market sizing, pricing studies and Voice of customer syndicated studies across key emerging markets.

Tanuja is a solution-centric analyst with a curious mind, focussed on understanding finer insights/problem statements to arrive at tangible and viable solutions towards improving health access. She has authored multiple articles and case studies that brings various unique health ecosystems in limelight. Tanuja is a pharmacist by education – in her past roles at healthcare communication research agencies such as Publicis, Havas Life, etc. she was involved in unravelling prescription behaviour, understanding belief maps, motivations and challenges of Key Opinion Leaders across various specialties. Having spent time conducting clinical immersions at primary, secondary and tertiary care facilities across various emerging markets, Tanuja has gained first-hand knowledge of workflow and finer cultural nuances of various health facilities across the globe.

To discuss ideas that enable improved health access, showcase clinical outcomes, product innovation and outcomes research projects for medical devices, please reach out to her at

Neeraj Gupta - Director and Chief Strategy Officer - Calgary, Canada

Neeraj is a Director and Chief Strategy Officer at EMeRG. He is an expert in Global Startup Ecosystem building, Policy making, Strategy, Product Management, Startup Investment, Intellectual Property Consulting, Innovation Management, Deep Technology (AI/ML/IOT), Technology Commercialization, Technology Consulting, Corporate Venturing. He advises several Provincial and Federal governments in Asia and Europe on cross-border trade, investments & IP. He is author of the book called “Creating & safeguarding a strong Intellectual Property Portfolio”. He has mentored 100+ startups globally and angel invested in a couple of startups.

Neeraj holds Bachelor’s Degree in Material Science from IIT (India), Masters Degree in Mathematics from KTH (Sweden) and PGPX from UCLA Anderson School of Management (USA) and was the Chief Strategy Officer at Attabotics in his previous role.

To hear more from Neeraj around AI/ML, IOT, international business expansion, patent consulting and legal-tech, please reach out to him at