Assessing Clinical and Operational Outcomes of PET-CT in India

Our Client: A global medical technologies manufacturer dealing with nuclear medicine equipment

Challenge Statement: Our client wanted to develop deep, quantifiable evidence supporting their clinical, operational and financial claims with regards to a newly developed PET-CT Scanner

EMeRG Approach: 

  • Key hospitals in Tier II/III towns within India having the relevant PET-CT scanner were identified and screened
  • Site visits were scheduled to implement in-depth clinical immersions and ethnographic studies
  • Patient pathways for oncology were mapped for a large pool visiting the hospital
  • Several in-depth clinical evidences were generated including assessment of de-identified PET-CT images to correlate image quality with various measurable parameters leading to improved clinical outcomes for patients
  • Evidences around improvement in workflow for the various stakeholders involved within the hospitals were generated
  • In-depth interviews were conducted with oncologists, NM specialists as well as technicians to correlate and ascertain the impact
  • Discussions with hospital management yielded several financial benefits that were statistically mapped with the hospital’s revenue projections and revenue realizations

Research Outcome: A detailed white paper for each of the hospital sites was generated highlighting measurable evidences around the PET-CT scanner’s distinct advantages to the patient pool as well as the hospital. Measurable outcomes such as % reduction in patient waiting times as well as reduced number of exams towards definitive diagnosis were published. The outcomes research study helped further position and establish our client as one of the undisputed leaders in the Nuclear Medicine market.

EMeRG Value Add: 

Technical Knowledge: Detailed understanding of the physics, electronics and instrumentation of PET-CT and the dynamics around cyclotron

Clinical Expertise: Trained medical professionals and analysts deployed to understand the minute details around image quality of PET-CT scanners to quantify clinical outcomes


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