Hospital Tracking Platform in EMeRGing markets

Augment your sales and marketing strategies of medical device products. Keep a track of hospitals in emerging markets:

Detailed list of over 20,000 hospitals in ASEAN, APAC, Africa and Latin America

Installed base of medical devices at individual hospital accounts

Key departments and specialties for individual hospital accounts

Needs-based segmentation of hospitals

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Regional med-tech disrupters in EMeRGing markets

Fortify your go-to-market strategies in emerging markets. Create frugal approaches to reach your end-customers. Understand what regional med-tech suppliers and channel partners are doing to disrupt the market:

Know regional medical device leaders

Understand winning GTM strategies and competent channel partners

Evaluate how regional / local suppliers are disrupting the market

Create market creation, penetration and differentiation strategies for your medical devices

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Med-tech Competitive Intelligence Platform in EMeRGing markets

Creative proactive business strategies in emerging markets. Know about medical device competitors in the emerging markets:

Business expansion plans

Distributor networks

Strategic partnerships

After-sales services strategies

New product launches

Organization structure and hiring patterns

Product installations at key hospital sites

Marketing activities and focus areas

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Med-tech Voice of Customer Reports in EMeRGing markets

Develop a customer-based business strategy. Get your potential customers segmented based on need-gaps. Learn their value drivers, design-needs, key motivators and priorities