Our Client: A global medical technologies firm with specialization in ICU and OR medical devices

Challenge Statement: Our client was looking to assess the overall attractiveness and market potential for select medical devices across six major African markets including Morocco, South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya, Algeria and Egypt. 

EMeRG Approach: 

  • Using our proprietary HospeTrack dataset, an in-depth customer segmentation for various healthcare facilities was conducted at an account level
  • Key need-gaps in terms of medical device installed base, as well as penetration of key devices such as mechanical ventilators, multi-parameter monitors, ECG units, anesthesia machines etc. was assessed using in-depth secondary research
  • Detailed screening criteria were created in order to have adequate representation of the research across hospitals with separate purchase characteristics, infrastructure, personnel and medical device IB penetration
  • In-depth interviews were conducted with ICU in-charge, Anesthesiologists, Medical officers (among other professionals) to assess need-gaps, challenges, frugal best practices etc.
  • Discussions with channel partners of various medical device companies was conducted to understand their local approach, best-practices and efforts in terms of value creation in the respective regions
  • Discussions with senior personnel within public sector decision making were also facilitated to understand the healthcare priorities and existing policies
  • Detailed market sizing including assessment of local and global competition in each of the regions was conducted

Research Outcome: Our research helped create a detailed mapping of the current patient flow, the specific need-gaps across ICU and OR as well as maternal and infant care departments. Accurate market sizing helped our clients re-prioritize their sales strategies as well as overall sales channels. Existing need-gaps of the client’s customer base were correlated with some of the best practices implemented by various local distributors to create meaningful value-adds towards achieving customer delight. 

EMeRG Value Add: 

Market Knowledge: Profound connects across various hospital stakehoders in Africa as well as our past experience in conducting on-field research helped generate nuanced and granular understanding of the markets

Commercial Expertise: Understanding of the key motivators as well as tactical moves by distributors / channel partners in the region helped our clients make incremental improvements in their sales approach


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