Our Client: A global medical devices firm and leading pharma diagnostics company

Challenge Statement: Our client was looking to understand the market dynamics and competitive landscape to push their existing contrast agents while launching new products across specific customer segments within ASEAN

EMeRG Approach: 

  • Using our proprietary HospeTrack database, in-depth segmentation of individual hospitals was conducted across Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam
  • Hospital segmentation was further refined to create need-based segmentation – based on radiology infrastructure, contrast agent usage, complexity of procedures, purchase behavior and patterns etc.
  • In-depth interviews were conducted with HOD Radiology, Radiology technicians, Cath lab technicians etc. to understand details around consumption and usage of contrast agents for X-ray, CT, MR and cath labs
  • Interviews with medical device distributors was conducted to understand the current market dynamics, pricing challenges, public sector sales, penetration of generic contrast agents etc.
  • In-depth market sizing by individual customer segments as well as propensity modelling of hospital segments that were likely to purchase contrast agents at a certain frequency and order volume was created

Research Outcome: Our research revealed key winning best-practices and nuances including GTM strategy across ASEAN for contrast agents. Market sizing for individual product categories as well as by customer segments helped our clients re-prioritize their sales strategies. Our unique market sizing methodology and detailed understanding of customer segments helped the client navigate beyond the challenges presented by syndicated research reports that provided very high level estimates.

EMeRG Value Add: 

Market Knowledge: Profound connects across radiology departments within ASEAN helped generate nuanced and granular understanding of the markets

Commercial Expertise: Understanding of the key motivators as well as tactical moves by distributors / channel partners in the region helped customized GTM strategies for our clients


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