NPI – Assessment of E-commerce portal for Medical Devices in Latin America

Our Client: A global medical technologies firm with specialization in ICU and OR medical devices

Challenge Statement: Our client was looking to introduce a new e-commerce platform for medical devices as well as spare parts across geographies such as Colombia, Mexico etc. The client wanted to understand how the portal should be designed, its key differentiators, types of devices to be sold, payment models including logistics and shipment from manufacturing / storage hubs.

EMeRG Approach: 

  • The current macro-indicators towards feasibility of e-commerce models across various industries were identified and quantified across the specific Latin American markets
  • Surrogate industries were benchmarked and the penetration / growth of e-commerce was plotted
  • A broad solution concept was created to be showcased to potential customers (hospitals / clinics/ small healthcare facilities etc.)
  • Key customer segments were identified and in-depth interviews were conducted in Spanish with Medical Directors, IT Directors / CTOs / CDOs etc.
  • Interviews were also conducted with medical device distributors as well as other key stakeholders in adjacent industries relying on e-commerce

Research Outcome: Our research helped understand the current need-gaps that could be solved using e-commerce routes. Our findings helped develop a clear blueprint of the logistics required towards creating an entire supply chain for e-commerce for specific medical devices. For certain spare parts including those of mechanical ventilators, ultrasound and monitors, specific strategies were created in terms of their frequency of replacement / purchase, pricing requirements etc. For public hospitals that have e-tendering systems in place, granular recommendations were made in terms of integrating the e-commerce based platform with the public sector mandates.

EMeRG Value Add: 

Market Knowledge: Profound connects across various hospital stakehoders in LATAM as well as our past experience in conducting on-field research helped generate nuanced and granular understanding of the markets

Commercial Expertise: Understanding of the key motivators as well as tactical moves by distributors / channel partners in the region helped develop specific business and pricing models for the e-commerce platform


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