NPI Research

“New product development relies heavily on identifying the deeper end-user needs and use-cases that may not be a part of subconscious awareness and hence not easily articulated… “

With rapid changes in clinical workflows and frugal approaches undertaken, medical device manufacturers are now required to find unique ways to humanize their innovations. At EMeRG, driven by our deep rooted commitment to solve the paradox of “innovation in isolation”, we focus heavily on new product introductions for medical devices. Our NPI research has helped clients develop and introduce med-tech products worth >$300Mn globally.
Where traditional research fails to dig beyond the obvious, our ethnography backed contextual research methodologies allows us to focus deep into the customer’s daily lives to help unveil:

The actual “unarticulated” unmet needs

Rational and emotional needs

“Story-telling” to generate product ideas and improvements

The routine issues and challenges (and corresponding opportunities)

The hidden motivators and barriers (to purchase or adapt to a new technology)

Design, ergonomic, clinical and other workflow related needs

Opinions around the utility of a new product idea

Definite ideas and opinions on a new prototype

Actual brand perception